MikroBasic Pro for PIC


New microcontrollers

New PIC microcontrollers are supported from this release. Most of them are from enhanced mid-range PIC16 family.

New Libraries

TFT library now supports HX8347G, ILI9340 and ILI9481 controllers. We provided source code of low level TFT functions.

IDE improvements

We added shortcut for Package Examples, Code Assistant for pointer to structures, value hint for pointers, etc.

Live Update service

Waiting is over. With newly integrated Live Update tool you can receive new features and improvements instantly!

 mikroBasic PRO for PIC compiler
          Your PIC best friend

mikroBasic PRO for PIC is a full-featured Basic compiler which makes Microchip® PIC development suitable for everyone. Popular basic programing language is the best choice for beginners because of the simple syntax and clear code. Comfortable IDE with a comprehensive help file, and a free lifetime technical support mean a lot when you are making your first steps into world of PIC microcontrollers. Not to mention over 500 ready-to-use library functions and examples that will help you in your development.
 compiler does all the work for you
         Beginners are experts

Compiler is designed to be smart and efficient, so you can rely on it to do the hard work. It features four levels of optimizations that can reduce your code size up to 20%.

 comfortable and intuitive IDE
           Enjoy while working

User is our main concern. Having the user as the center of attention, we developed the best IDE: intuitive, fast and rich in features. You’ll feel very comfortable while working.

 lots and lots of libraries
          Save your time!

What’s the point of compiler if you have to write libraries from scratch? With our compilers, you’ll have over 500 library functions, and a head start in development.

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