What is Computer?


make our life EASIER and more ENJOYABLE!

Computer offer a wide range of functions.We use it for word processing.Internet and communications, digital video and audio composition, and desktop publishing among others.
The computer word processing capabilities are awesome. It automatically corrects your spelling and grammar. When revising, its cut and paste feature is simple to execute,and very helpful.
With desktop publishing, you can create page layouts for an entire book on your home computer.
The Internet is considered one of the greatest inventions. The internet is a massive connection of computers, all around the globe.
Audio and Video editing and composition have been made much easier by computers.Now, emerging musicians have the ability to compose their own songs and publish them. Amateur filmmakers can produce work from their own homes. Graphics engineers can use computers to create three-dimensional models, or even to generate short or full-length films.
With the aid of computers, humankind is entering a new era enlightenment.
Computers have made life easier, but not all of its effects are beneficial.

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